We can make your well water smell better!


Is your well water smelly? Do you get iron stains on your toilets and everything else your waterwell water

touches? Eventually the well water will stain clothes and even cause towels to smell when

they get wet and clothes will also smell when you sweat in them. The solution to this

problem is to have us install a chlorinator. This requires several components to be installed.

The chlorinator sits on top of a 30 gallon  solution tank and beside that sits a 120 gallon

contact tank. The chlorinator injects a diluted chlorine solution into the incoming line which goes into the contact

tank before coming out as chlorinated well water. Now that it’s chlorinated we need to run it through a water

softener and a carbon filter to remove all the chlorine and leave you with fresh clean water.

You can expect to invest about $5,000.00 for a complete well water system.

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My ac drain pipe is clogged


ac drainHow do you unclog your ac drain pipe? I found out the hard way how to unclog my ac drain! I came home from work last Friday to my ac blowing warm air. My air handler was running inside, but the condensing unit outside was not working. Aside from changing the filter once a month, I have had a note to clean out the ac drain line sitting on my desk in the to do pile for several months.

Immediately I’m thinking… the condensate line is clogged. Fortunately my unit has an inline safety switch that keeps the condensing unit from running when the ac drain is clogged. Now I’m sure there are other ways to clean out the drain line, I chose to cut the line apart and connect a hose directly to it and flush it out. This requires a coupling and some glue to repair, which was no problem for me, I am a plumber. I have also heard you can use a wet vac to suck the crud from the discharge line outside. The ac drain is one of those homeowner maintenance things that always gets overlooked!

I called Darcy at Comfort Service in DeLand 386-736-1426 to get a custom made aluminum frame approx $25.00 for my ac unit that has replaceable filter material. These are far superior to the disposable filters you can by at the local hardware or big box stores. You get a superior product and they are less than 5 bucks a filter.

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Benefits of hot water recirculation


hot waterDo you find yourself standing idly by waiting for the hot water to get to your faucet? Meanwhile you are watching the cold water going down the drain, until finally the water begins to get warm. This is due to water trapped in the piping between the heat source and the fixture. When there is no demand the once hot water cools down to ambient temperature very quickly.

Adding hot water recirculation in an existing home can put an end to this waiting madness. By adding a pump with a button or even a motion sensor you can get hot water to your faucet super fast without wasting water.



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Why do I have low water pressure from my well?


low water pressure Do you get very low water pressure if more than one faucet is turned on simultaneously? I

purchased a home with a shallow well last year. This would force me to face my fears of the

unknown, namely working on a well system. Every time I would turn on the hose outside

the water would literally trickle out of the faucets inside. Because of the low water pressure

my first thought was that the pump was to small. The house had a 1/2 hp Flotec all plastic shallow well pump with a

5 gallon per minute flow rate. I purchased a 3/4 hp Sta-Rite cast iron shallow well jet pump with a flow rate to 15

gallons per minute. While this made a big difference with my low water pressure issue, i still wasn’t happy. A friend

suggested hat the well screen might be clogged with sludge. I read up on the subject and found a product made by

Johnson called NuWell 100 pellets. This product is made to be poured down the well shaft and left to sit for several

hours, then flushed out and everything reconnected. This did the trick, no more low water pressure.

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Geothermal Energy


Geothermal EnergyWherever you live, Geothermal Energy is present underground. Nearly half the solar energy our planet receives is absorbed by the ground. Below the surface the earth the ground remains a constant moderate temperature year round. Similar to a cave, the ground temperature is warmer than the air above it in the winter and cooler than the air above it in the winter. This provides an ideal source for heating and cooling your home. Geothermal Energy is drawn from the earth through an underground piping loop filled with circulating water. A heat pump exchanges heat and cooling between your home and the earth depending on the season. While the initial cost to upgrade an existing system may not be cost effective yet, it could be a great money saving idea if you are building a new home.

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Germs In The Home Environment!


GermsWe are exposed to millions of Germs everyday. Germs live everywhere. You can find Germs in the air, on food, plants and animals; in soil and water – on just about every other surface, including your body.

Most Germs won’t harm you. Your immune system protects you against infectious agents. However, some Germs are formidable adversaries because they’re constantly mutating to breach your immune system’s defenses. Infection can be easily prevented through simple tactics, such as washing your hands regularly and being careful with food and water.

Flushing the toilet is known to produce airborne Germs that are capable of causing surface contamination within the toilet and bathroom. Tooth brushes, contact lens, cosmetics and toiletries can be contaminated from aerosols as a result of toilet flushing, poor hand hygiene and natural contaminants of the mouth.

Approximately 76 million Americans develop food poisoning each year, and about 20% of reported food borne illnesses occur in the home. Certain raw foods or ingredients have a high risk of contamination such as meats, fish, poultry and eggs. Other foods may have a medium risk of contamination such as certain vegetables, which may have been contaminated during production, or which are soiled. Because washing up removes organic matter from soiled items during food prep and consumption, it is one of the main control points for preventing the transmission of Germs in the domestic kitchen. The temperature of the water used for “washing up” can influence Germ survival. Most hand washed dishes use water temperatures below 120 F, which is not hot enough to kill most Germs.

Most people think that washed laundry is clean laundry, right? Handling “clean” laundry presents a risk of exposure to potentially harmful Germs. Fabric and cloth can easily become contaminated with high levels of microorganisms that can survive for long periods of time in fabrics. You may believe that normal laundering produces clean clothes; however, this does not necessarily mean they are Germ free due to detergents having a wide range of efficacy in reducing the bacteria.

The bottom line; don’t let your guard down at home!

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How do I troubleshoot an electric water heater?


troubleshoot an electric water heaterTrying to troubleshoot an electric water heater can be difficult. Electric water heaters have 1 or 2 metal heating elements. These elements get hot from electrical resistance. The incoming cold water is directed to the bottom of the tank via a dip tube. The lower element does the majority of the heating, while the upper element will only kick on when there is a high demand for hot water.  If you are getting no hot water or running out of hot water fast than more than likely the lower element is shot. You can test for continuity using a multimeter set to Ohms. I have had elements test good that were bad so this test is not 100% foolproof.

To replace an element in your electric water heater you need to turn off the power at the main panel (always verify the power is off with a tester!). Use the shut off valve on the cold side inlet to turn off the water. It may be necessary to turn the water off at the house main or meter if this valve doesn’t work. Finally connect a hose to the valve at the bottom of the water heater, open the valve and drain the heater. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Your electric water heater needs to be flushed periodically to remove the sediment that otherwise builds up and eventually engulfs the lower element causing it to fail prematurely.

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Plumbing Done Cheap


plumbing done cheap      There is always someone (plumbing done cheap) that will do it cheaper! More often than not cheaper is not always the best deal. There are 9,410,000 hits for plumbing done cheap, which leads me to believe that there are a lot of people out there that want whom ever gives them the cheapest price to do their plumbing repairs/work. This worries me given the magnitude of damage that could be caused by improperly installed plumbing done cheap. Not to mention the fact that hear in Sunny Florida it is unlawful to hire an unlicensed Plumber to do work in your home.

Why would you trust the single most costly investment you’ve ever made (your home) to an unlicensed, unprofessional handyman type? A jack of all trades is typically a Master at none. While there maybe exceptions to this rule, think about this scenario;  you hire a non licensed, non professional, and probably non insured or at least under insured person to work on or install plumbing in your home. God forbid Mr Plumbing Done Cheap does something wrong and floods your entire home. You call your insurance company and make a claim. Your claim is denied because you hired “Mr Plumbing Done Cheap” an unlicensed, uninsured handyman. A Professional Licensed Insured Plumber may have cost you 50% more than the handyman, but I’m fairly sure that you would gladly pay that now that you have Thousands of dollars in damage to your home and no recourse to recover one dime.

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Hybrid water heater?


What’s all the fuss about (Hybrid water heater)?Hybrid water heater Most of us rarely to never think about our

water heater until we don’t have hot water. Did you know that your electric water heater

consumes approximately as much energy as your washer, dryer, refrigerator, and

dishwasher combined? About 14% of your home’s energy usage stems from your electric

water heater. With Hybrid water heater manufacture’s promising significant savings over conventional electric

water heaters you might want to consider one if you conventional electric water heater fails. The GeoSpring™

Hybrid water heater from General Electric combines energy saving heat pump technology with traditional electric

elements using a fraction of the energy. There is an integrated compressor and evaporator that use a fan to draw

heat from surrounding air to heat refrigerant. Then the heated refrigerant runs through coils that wrap the tank all

the way to the bottom, transferring heat into the water tank. This Hybrid water heater creates the same amount of

hot water as a traditional electric water heater, and can reduce your heating expense up to 62%. A digital LED

control panel allows you to easily change modes and temperature settings. The Hybrid water heater comes with a

renewable air filter. In Hybrid and heat pump mode the unit moves air through the system.

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How do I know if my drain field is bad?


drain fieldMaintain your septic tank and drain field system for it is vital to the health of our nation.

With approximately 2 million private septic sanitation systems in use, in Florida, it is

extremely important that they remain functioning properly for the safety of our ground

water. The most common drain field failures happen when septic bacteria and enzymes are

killed off in the tank by harsh household chemicals or discarded medications. You could be destroying your drain

field with things like bleach and mouth wash. Any product that kills germs (bacteria) is not good for septic systems.

The tank is where most of the solid waste is treated by bacteria and enzymes. The liquid waste leaving the tank is

further treated in the drain field absorption area, eventually seeping down through the earth and returning as clean

water into our aquifers. The purpose of the tank is to slow down the flow of water through the system long enough

for the solids to settle to the bottom where enzymes and bacteria immediately begin to digest the organic portion

leaving the inorganic as sludge laying in the bottom of the tank. It is important to remove this sludge periodically so

that the tank can function properly. The septic tank is the support for the whole system. Without the tank the drain

field would quickly fail. Never ever pour toxic or hazardous chemicals like paint, varnishes, pesticides, solvents, and

caustic drain openers down the drain. These will kill the enzymes and bacteria in the tank and drain field needed for

a healthy system. To help maintain a healthy environment in the tank and drain field I recommend the use of

BioSmart Drain Maid. A natural biological drain line and septic maintainer. Regular use will help keep systems

clean and free flowing. A natural occurring bacteria that is both safe for human handling and the environment. Don’t

wait until your drain field fails CALL NOW to order your supply of BioSmart and save big when you buy it by the

case! At less than a $1.00 day it’s a much cheaper alternative to costly drain field replacement!

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