How do I know if my drain field is bad?


drain fieldMaintain your septic tank and drain field system for it is vital to the health of our nation.

With approximately 2.6 million private septic sanitation systems in use it is extremely

important that they remain functioning properly for the safety of our ground water.

The most common drain field failures happen when septic bacteria and enzymes are killed

off in the tank by harsh household chemicals or discarded medications






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What do I do if my well water stops working?


well waterYou never stop to think about the convenience of running water in your home until you turn on a faucet only to find no well water comes out. Panic sets in! What am I going to do without well water? I can’t shower, I can’t do laundry, I can’t do dishes, I can’t even flush the toilet!

OK, so the first thought that runs through your head is “this is bad”, I’m probably going to need a new well, this is going to cost me a bundle! But wait, after the panic then comes the logic, this thing runs on electricity, maybe the power is off, I’ll check the breaker.

New it couldn’t be that simple, I’ll break out the electrical tester and make sure I’m getting power at the pressure switch and pump.

I’m getting power to the switch but it’s not turning the pump on? I’m thinking the pressure switch is bad. You can pick a pressure switch up for your well water system for about $50.00. If you are going to attempt to replace this or any part yourself, don’t forget to turn the power off prior to starting.

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How do I replace my Moen posi temp cartridge?


Moen posi tempStop, before you try to (“do it yourself”) replace your Moen posi temp cartridge, consider the consequences.

Moen will send you a free cartridge replacement by calling 1-800-buy-moen. The big box stores will gladly sell you a cartridge for around $40.00. Removing the cartridge can be as easy as 1 2 3, or it can be as difficult as pulling teeth. The Moen posi temp cartridge removal tool is a must. This can set you back another $26.00.

Once you get the handle off, go slow, be extra careful, if you start cranking down on the cartridge removal tool too fast you can snap the stem off. If this happens the cartridge will need to be chipped out piece by piece. A delicate process, care must be taken not to gouge or scratch the inside of the brass valve body.

Once the cartridge is removed, I like to turn the water on momentarily to flush out any debris. You can use a small piece of 400 grit waterproof sandpaper to lightly sand the inside of the valve to remove any remaining buildup from the previous Moen posi temp cartridge.

Before installing the new Moen posi temp cartridge apply a generous amount of good faucet grease. Make sure the top of the cartridge is up and push it all the way in till the clip can be installed. The small notch on one side of the end of the brass stem should face down for the off position.

Now you are ready to turn the water back on and check for leaks before putting the trim back on.

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The Reduction of Lead (low lead) in Drinking Water Act


low leadThe Reduction of lead (low lead) in Drinking Water Act was passed and signed into law on January 4, 2011 with an effective enforcement date of January 4, 2014.

While industry has done it’s part to comply with the new requirements, the government is slower with it’s interpretation of how the law will be enforced.

We are fortunate in the U.S. in being able to trust the quality of our water. Around the world, people may think twice about drinking from the tap , or may choose to not drink from the tap at all. In many cases, low lead is the least of their worries.

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Replacing your Throne? (toilet)


When it comes to picking out a new toilet, nobody can give you advice and recommendation like a licensed Plumber. toilet

Not every toilet is created equal so it pays to call a professional plumber who has access to the best brands on the market.

Toilet prices can range in price from several hundred to several thousand so you need to get real about what you can afford as well as what color and features you are looking for.

Think about what you liked and disliked about the toilet you are replacing. Consider all the different options available. The older we get the harder it gets to get up and down so a comfort height might be just what the doctor ordered. If cleaning and leak prevention are your top priority the perhaps a one piece is for you. If saving water is important to you the buy a 1.28 gallon per flush model, it will soon be mandatory.

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To repipe or not to repipe


repipeYou may have heard the expression repipe? If you suspect that you have a leak somewhere in your homes water system, you should immediately call a professional to have it tested. A leak in your plumbing water line will not always show itself. Typically the first sign of a leak will be a marked increase in your water bill.

Other signs that you could need a repipe include, your washing machine is filling up slower than it use to. The forceful stream of your shower has deteriorated into a dissatisfying trickle. Your tap water tastes bitter and is a strange color



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Why is my water heater making noises


Your water heater can make a variety of different noises. While some may be normal, others may be a warning of a water heaterpotential problem.

The most common sounds start occurring in a water heater that is several years old and has never been flushed. Sediment will start building up in the bottom of the tank. As the tank starts heating this sediment can cause noises such as popping, tapping, banging and hammering.

While regular flushing can prevent sediment from building up in your tank,  removing / flushing the sediment buildup from a tank can be challenging. The normal drain valve installed on a water heater will not allow pieces larger than a pepper corn to pass. The drain valve or lower element (electric water heater) might need to be removed completely to aid in flushing.

A tea kettle whistling sound can potentially be a more dangerous. Every water heater is required to have a T&P (temperature and pressure) valve  properly installed. This valve when installed properly is designed to open if the pressure or temperature reach the valves rated capacity. If a thermostat (electric models) or gas valve fail to shut off and the T&P valve fails to blow off you could hear a tea kettle whistling sound. This could mean your water heater is overheating and building to much pressure. Immediately shut the power or gas and the water off and call a professional Plumber.

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Is radiant barrier the answer to the insulation question?


radiant barrierIt’s possible that you insulation is costing you money, maybe it’s time for you to think smart, think radiant barrier!

The importance of effective attic insulation cannot be understated. Your attic is the number one area responsible for heat loss/gain in your home. therefore, attic insulation is a major player in your home’s heating and cooling, which directly translates into your energy bill. For homeowners looking for ways to start conserving energy and saving money, radiant barrier offers a complete solution to attic insulation that will help them do just that.

With radiant barrier professionally installed by us, you can save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs, by minimizing heat loss and gain in your home you can save money and energy.

Stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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Why pay to be an Angies List member?


Angies List

If you are not already a member of Angies List you need to join today! Here’s why.

There are good Contractors and there are bad Contractors. The last thing you want in your home is a bad Contractor.

As an Angies List member you’ll have access to the best of the best in service providers. You can read reviews from fellow homeowners , who like yourself are concerned about letting just anyone into your home, let alone to perform work. If work performed is not done correctly it could result in costly damage to your most valuable asset, your home.

All Angies List service providers must be background checked prior to being eligible to advertise, promote e commerce deals, or become eligible for the super service award. Annual background checks are required.

Why is Angies List better than free review sites?

* No anonymous reviews

* Certified data collection process prevents companies and providers from reporting on themselves or their competitors.

* A complaint resolution team will intercede if a home repair goes bad.

* Companies and providers respond to reports, so you get the whole story.

What do you get as an Angies List member?

* Access to great local reviews on

* Live support through their call center.

* Award winning Angies List magazine.

*Access to their complaint resolution team.

*Discounts from highly rated service companies.

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Angies List

How do I get my Delta shower faucet apart?



***** CAUTION ***** it is possible to destroy your old Delta shower faucet valve trying to remove your shower trim. The brass chromed nut Delta behind the handle must be unscrewed to access the handle ball, springs and grommets for replacement. If the chrome nut is frozen it is possible to twist even break the 3 small copper tubes holding the front and back of the valve together Delta. If this happens the valve inside the wall will need to be replaced. Use caution when trying to unscrew this nut. If it does not unscrew easily, try spraying it with a small amount of penetrating oil, waiting about 1/2 hour and try again. Once the nut is removed you can remove the old parts and install the new Delta ones. The Delta kit available has parts for both crystal and lever handle. I recommend also purchasing a new Delta cap and ring. Once you remove the springs and grommets from the valve, you need to clean the inside of the valve real good. You could possibly use 400 grit fine waterproof sandpaper to very lightly sand away any tarnish or buildup. After you have thoroughly cleaned the valve you are ready to reassemble with new Genuine Delta parts. Make sure to generously lube all parts with a good faucet grease. The faucet grease will also help hold the new springs and grommets in place as these can be a little tricky. When your ready to put the new Delta cap nut on that holds all the parts in place, apply a small amount of faucet grease to the threads and this should make it easier to remove in the future if the need arises. Your best bet is let a licensed professional Plumber who is familiar with Delta products handle this task for you.

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