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Don’t you hate it when your toilet seat slams shut? Now you can put an end to the surprise of that disagreeable clunk with a toilet seatsoft close easy clean seat that’s designed to descend quietly and gradually – avoiding a nasty surprise for you, potential damage to the  seat or the bowl and even the risk of injury to yourself. So if you’re sick and tired of the slamming seat keeping you up all night? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to put up with toilet seat backtalk anymore! Hire us as your licensed plumber and we can solve that problem by installing a slow close – easy clean seat.

Are you fed up with trying to clean around those pesky seat hinges? Consider a toilet seat with quick release hinges that allow the whole seat to be removed quickly and easily. You can simply lift the bolt covers and pop the whole seat off for easy cleaning of those otherwise hard to reach areas. When you are done cleaning it’s as easy as snapping the toilet seat back into position and closing the covers to lock it in place again.

How does a slow close toilet seat work? Fitted with a special quiet close hinge mechanism, the seat remains upright when it needs to and simply needs a little push to come down in a gentle motion and avoid that familiar slamming sound. Made of durable solid plastic these seats are much more sanitary than traditional painted wood seats. Even the bumper tabs that touch the toilet bowl are molded in as opposed to being screwed into the bottom of the seat. These tabs help keep the toilet seat aligned on the bowl when you sit down.

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