How do I get my Delta shower faucet apart?

***** CAUTION ***** it is possible to destroy your old Delta shower faucet valve trying to remove your shower trim. The brass chromed nut  behind the handle must be unscrewed to access the handle ball, springs and grommets for replacement. If the chrome nut is frozen it is possible to twist even break the 3 small copper tubes holding the front and back of the valve together. If this happens the valve inside the wall will need to be replaced. Use caution when trying to unscrew this nut. If it does not unscrew easily, try spraying it with a small amount of penetrating oil, waiting about 1/2 hour and try again. Once the nut is removed you can remove the old parts and install the new  ones. The Delta kit available has parts for both crystal and lever handle. I recommend also purchasing a new Delta cap and ring. Once you remove the springs and grommets from the valve, you need to clean the inside of the valve real good. You could possibly use 400 grit fine waterproof sandpaper to very lightly sand away any tarnish or buildup. After you have thoroughly cleaned the valve you are ready to reassemble with new Genuine Delta parts. Make sure to generously lube all parts with a good faucet grease. The faucet grease will also help hold the new springs and grommets in place as these can be a little tricky. When your ready to put the new Delta cap nut on that holds all the parts in place, apply a small amount of faucet grease to the threads and this should make it easier to remove in the future if the need arises. Your best bet is let a licensed professional Plumber who is familiar with Delta products handle this task for you.

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