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water_conditioner_125x400When it comes to your drinking and bathing water you can count on your plumber to be sure that you are getting the healthiest water available to you in your home. We seek to get back to drinking healthy tap water and away from mass producing plastic bottles that litter our landfills and roadsides. You can achieve healthy and delicious water straight from your tap with relative ease. We also want to eliminate the excess chlorine and chloramines in your water that you are absorbing through your skin while you shower and bathe. We also can help you achieve a soft quality of water if you are battling hardness in your water that corrodes your fixtures and appliances and gives you cause to use more quantity of the various soaps for your cleaning and cleansing needs.

H20 Harmony is a full water filtration product line featuring Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Filters and DOW Resin Water Softeners for both Residential and Commercial applications.The Manufacturer of H2O Harmony has been making products for the water filtration and softening industry sense 1948. They are the pioneers of the first regeneration valve.H2O Harmony is not only a product line, but a national organization of water treatment experts available to you through a group of trained professional plumbers that specialize in water treatment. To avoid being oversold by water treatment companies that sell you more than you need or undersold with wild claims and products that don’t work, “Trust a Plumber” for all your water treatment needs. Alternate Design Plumbing is proud to be a trusted plumbing professional representing the H20 Harmony line of water conditioning systems which includes:

Simple Harmony: Under sink filter for kitchen faucet use.
Whole House Harmony: Whole House water filtration/conditioner
Soft Water Harmony: Water Softener
Complete Harmony: Water Filtration/Conditioner and Softener combined for whole house treatment.

Let us perform a Water Test on your tap water and make the best recommendation for you and your family’s health and well-being.

Please visit H20 Harmony online for valuable research and information about water conditioners

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