Health Risks from drinking Reverse Osmosis Water?

reverse osmosisAccording to the World Health Organization distilled or low-mineral (Reverse Osmosis) water hinders mineral absorption, upsets the water metabolism and harms the vital organs.

The awareness of the importance of minerals and other beneficial constituents in drinking water has existed for thousands of years. Artificially produced demineralized water was originally used mainly for industrial, purposes. These technologies became more extensively applied in drinking water treatment in the 1960’s as limited drinking water sources could not meet demands of increasing populations. It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral (Reverse Osmosis)  content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water  metabolism in the body. Low mineral water is unstable and therefore, highly aggressive to materials with which it comes into contact.

Distilled or demineralized (Reverse Osmosis) water is harmful to the body in many aspects. It never exists naturally in nature, and it should not be used for regular drinking.



All natural waters contain small amounts of gases, minerals and organic matter of natural origin. Demineralised (Reverse Osmosis) water is completely or almost completely free of dissolved minerals.



Distilled or demineralised (Reverse Osmosis) water readily absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and becomes acidic. Acidic water, including soft drinks, is not good for health.



Low-mineral (Reverse Osmosis) water causes transfer of water from the body cells, red blood cells and tissue fluid into the blood plasma. The kidneys will remove more water through urine. Consumers have higher risks of hypertension and coronary heart diseases.


If you are currently using a Reverse Osmosis system then perhaps you should consider a re-mineralization filter to add back the good minerals that were robbed from the water during the Reverse Osmosis process. A good re-mineralization filter can be purchased and installed by us as your licensed plumber.


If you are using Reverse Osmosis system to treat your water, then RE-MINERALIZATION is the answer! CALL NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION 386-774-8080

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