Get BioSmart and Solve the Nasty Clogged Drain Syndrome

BioSmart™ – Environmentally Safe Plumbing Drain Cleaner

What is the number one reason that people call a plumber?

The answer… a nasty clogged drain!

Now you can rid yourself of those nasty, expensive drain clogs, that never happen at a convenient time, with the Alternate Design Plumbing, Inc. clog busting Drain Maid™ maintenance Program featuring the power of BioSmart™. Clean your drains without harsh hazardous chemicals, that can do more damage than good to your plumbing system.

drain-maidThe Drain Maid™ System, featuring BioSmart™.

This is a natural drain and septic system treatment that, when applied regularly, keeps your drains running smoothly so you don’t have to worry about messy, inconvenient, slow running or stopped-up plumbing drains and toilets.

BioSmart™ is a patented drain cleaning product approved under the EPA’s Design for the Environment program, because it does not contain any hazardous materials. It is the most advanced microbial drain, septic, and grease trap treatment available.It is comprised of naturally occurring strains of live, vegetative bacterial cultures with an exceptional appetite for organic matter.

biosmart-300x67 Choose BioSmart™ from Alternate Design Plumbing, Inc. because:


  • It is fast acting and begins working immediately when introduced in a drain line or collection system. These friendly bacteria cultures do not require a wake up period as with other microbial products.
  • It’s easy to use, just pour and go – no mixing required – use the convenient drain back bottle cap to measure and pour the correct amount of treatment.
  • It requires only one half cap-full per drain to provide more activity than five cap-fulls of all other bio products.
  • The hungry bacteria in BioSmart™ continue to feed on the organic residue left in the drain line, grease trap and septic tank long after the treatment is applied.



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