Pure Water Solutions

Our Alternate Design water solution services delivers products designed and manufactured by professional plumbers.

We have a solution for all water services. We’re happy to consult with you and provide a recommendation on what system is the best fit for your needs and family.

We offer whole house water conditioning or softening and purified drinking water services through products from Halo Water Systems and Charged Water. For your good health we carry an extraordinary product line that will generate Alkaline Ionized Water. In today’s busy world we have become an acidic society, with the foods we eat and liquids we drink our naturally alkaline bodies are being transformed into acidic waste dumps. Alkaline ionizers are designed to stabilize the alkalinity levels in our bodies. This product line is offered through Alkaviva.

Alkaline Ionized Water

Water Quality You & Your Family Can Count On. Get Healthy Water for Drinking, Bathing & Cooking!

Halo Water Systems

Discover the Healthiest & Best Tasting Water in the World!

Charger Water

Water Treatment Products & Solutions: No matter what your water problem is, Charger has a solution.

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