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imagesWhere does water come from? For billions of years, the cycle has sustained life on earth. It is constantly changing and man’s environment has an effect on it’s purity. Our source has become increasingly more polluted and must be treated prior to us drinking it or bathing in it.

The number one cause of death in the world is what we drink, cook and bathe in. Yet, the US has the safest water in the world. Our municipalities are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to chemically treat our supply to keep it safe and bacteria free from the treatment plant to our homes.

The use of chlorine and other chemicals plays an important role in keeping our water safe and bacteria free. Although these chemicals are required for immediate safety purposes, they have an effect on our long term health and should be removed prior to drinking or bathing in it.

The common theme here is that our municipalities are responsible and mandated to keep our water safe with chemicals and you have the option of leaving those chemicals in or taking them out. The hardness of your water and certain minerals may damage your appliances and fixtures. Softening and using whole house carbon filtration is the total solution.

We receive many inquiries about how water softeners and filters work. There are many myths and facts that you may not be aware of. Some benefits are obvious and others may be new to you. Chemical free drinking water prevents long term effects from those chemicals that you drink, absorb through your skin and breathe while you shower.

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