Faucet Repair or Replacement

Having a faucet repair or replacement done promptly and properly can save you $$. Research indicates that a dripping orfaucet repair leaky faucet can cost you almost $20 a week. Yet, more often than not, this problem goes unchecked. The single most common mistake in faucet repair is not calling a professional licensed Plumber. Some older faucets may require parts that are not readily available. We have access to companies that stock thousands of hard to find parts, most can usually be gotten in a days time.
We will save you money by preforming your faucet repair or, if necessary, replacing it.  We stock many of the most common faucet parts on our trucks, available at all times. Sometimes repair is not the best financially sound choice. For instance if your faucet is ten years old or older the chances are the finish is starting to show wear and repair is probably not the best choice for you. If repair is not your best option you can choose from our truck stock, we carry several popular models on our trucks for your convenience, or you can order something specific to your liking or suited to your application.  Just Ask! We invite you at any time to visit our showroom at 600 South Volusia Avenue in Orange City, where you can see all the latest faucet styles and finishes on display. We even have working models! We are open daily Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment.
Repairs can often be complex with some of today’s modern faucets that have many parts and usually an order in which they should be disassembled and reassembled. For this reason it is best to hire us as your licensed plumber. Our technicians have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to do your faucet repair properly.
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