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Finding the right solutions to problems with your water heater will directly affect savings on your electric or gas bill. We install, service and maintain tank and tank-less, electric or gas (LP or Natural Gas). Ask us about our FAFCO Solar Products.  Want to be cutting edge?  ask about the Hybrid heater option. water heater

We have your water heater options that will save money, save energy, and help save the earth! With traditional tank heaters you have a limited hot water supply determined by the size of the tank. While tank heaters are still the lowest initial cost you are vulnerable to rising energy costs. The life span of a tank heater is 8-12 years depending on conditions.

Your safety is our concern. Your water heater might look like a problem free, no worries appliance, but when it is improperly installed or maintained, it’s a potential ballistic missile that could erupt with enough force to lift your house off it’s foundation.






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