Why we need a whole house water filters:

We need whole house water filters because the water coming into your house has either been treated by a private or municipal water water filtersdepartment, or is coming from private well water . Water that has been treated with chlorine and then ammonia is added to stabilize the chlorine. This combination produces dangerous Chloramines. Chlorine is classified as an oxidative agent that is designed to attack any living organic matter (HINT: Skin is living organic matter). Water filters can remove the bad stuff!

Why do we need water filters? Although some kinds of water pollution can occur through natural processes, it is mostly a result of human activities. The water we use is taken from lakes and rivers, and from underground (groundwater); after we have used it – and contaminated it – most of it returns to these locations to mix with clean pure water. The cycle repeats itself which is why we need water filters.

The used water of a community is called waste water, or sewage. If it is not treated before being discharged into waterways, serious pollution is the result.

1) Harmful chemicals (Chloramines) constantly escape into the air in a home from the dishwasher, the toilet and the shower. The use of whole house water filters solves this problem.

2) Whole house water filters will stop the release of water contaminants into the air results in poor air quality in a home. This poor air quality is a leading cause of asthma and bronchitis.

3) Whole house water filters will stop skin rashes and other irritations are a result of chlorine and volatile organic chemicals that have become embedded in clothing washed in chlorinated water.

4) Whole house water filters can prevent the 2100 known water contaminants from making their way into our bodies not just from drinking the actual water but also from inhalation and dermal absorption.

5) Merely avoiding drinking tap water by indulging in bottled water is not an effective means of protection against dangerous water contaminants. Whole house water filters are the answer.


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