Price vs. Quality

As homeowners, we tend to always be thinking “how we can get work we need done at the lowest possible price”. The problem with this line of thinking is we are setting ourselves up for disaster. There are always “handymen” and even some licensed contractors that advertise that they will beat any competitors price by 5, 10, 20% or they offer free estimates. One legitimate business has all the same expenses as another legitimate business. So tell me how they can do it for so much cheaper? I’ll tell you how, you will get less in terms of time, labor and material, attention to detail, quality and value. You need to except the fact that a low price and excellent quality and service are extreme opposites. Top Quality commands and gets rewarded for better skills, service and work.

So you need to ask yourself what it is you want? Is it a professional job done correctly, with attention to detail, performed in a timely manor, with a finished product that is trouble and worry free, or do you just want a job done at the lowest possible price? I know what you’re thinking “you want both”, but these two desires cannot be met.

Think about it, a job done at the lowest price is the lowest for a reason. It’s missing some of the key ingredients necessary to provide you that trouble and worry free job. The lowest price job is missing well paid highly skilled professionally trained technicians that produce quality work that will give you a finished product that you want.

A low price is so appealing. We all want it! If we go for it we may be expecting and hoping for a job that the higher priced professional would produce, but we are destined for disappointment. The job will be cheaper, but it’s just a matter of time before the joy of a low price is replaced with the bitterness of problems associated with an inferior job.

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