Why can’t I flush my wipes?

I’m here to tell you why you don’t want to flush those so called disposable/flushable wipes. I don’t care if the box says safe to flush, or biodegradable. Why do you suppose the wipes manufactures are so nonchalant about putting it out there that these are safe to flush? Hello it’s a $6 billion dollar a year industry! I’m not saying that disposable wipes don’t do the job they are intended for and that they aren’t damn convenient. What I’m saying is Plumbers everywhere are getting rich off those who choose to blindly believe that it’s safe to flush these wipes down the drain.

I just watched another U tube video posted by one of the wipes manufactures showing how after 35 hours in a slosh tank their product began to break up into pieces, really, last time I checked there is no plumbing system or septic tank that rocks back and forth for 35 hours when you flush your toilet!

The issue from a plumbers perspective is that not all plumbing systems are created in a laboratory environment and therefore they are not all perfectly smooth inside. Combined with the mandatory 1.6 gallon per flush toilets (soon to be 1.28gpf) and there just isn’t always enough water to push these wipes out of your home or building. Add a rough spot here or there for something to catch on and that’s a surefire receipt for a stoppage.

The easiest solution is to have a trash can lined with a plastic bag handy beside your toilet to dispose of your wipes. What’s that you say, you’ve been using them for awhile and never had a problem, well it’s like spinning the roulette wheel. Today you win a little, tomorrow we win a lot.

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