alkaline ionized waterANTIOXIDANTS: When you drink Alkaline Ionized Water you are drinking a glass of anti-oxidants. Ionized / Alkalized / Oxygenated / Truly-Hydrating water delivers a massive amount of negatively charged electrons (negative ions), to neutralize free radicals. (Free radicals are constantly bombarding us causing daily damage & progressive aging. Free radicals result from poor diet, stress, pollution, chemicals, medications, etc). Alkaline Ionized Water can help with these issues.

ALKALINITY / pH: In today’s world, everyone produces acidic byproducts, and needs to alkalize. All the “diseases of aging” – from cancer, to chronic fatigue, to diabetes, allergies, and headaches, to the skin losing elasticity – occur & snowball within an acidic body. Alkaline Ionized Water restores alkalinity and flushes acidic toxins from the body, leaving the blood sparkling clean & able to transport critical nutrients to the cells. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water is the answer to reversing an acidic environment.

OXYGEN: Cells deficient in oxygen start to turn cancerous. Alkaline Ionized Water delivers much more oxygen to your cells than tap or bottled water. Think of the jogger vs. the couch potato – this water is bringing your cells a flood of fresh oxygen just by drinking a glass. Drink Alkaline Ionized Water and get that oxygen back in your cells.

HYDRATION: Smaller cluster size makes Alkaline Ionized Water far more absorbable – “wetter water” easily penetrates your cells, bring a continual flood of hydration & renewal. The turnover of “fresh water in & waste water out” becomes constant. Cells begin to work at peak performance. Foggy thinking, joint pain, constipation & digestive issues begin to clear. This water helps you take your body from a stagnant “polluted lake” to one that is sparkling & “fed by glacial streams”. Drink Alkaline Ionized Water and stay hydrated.


1. Drink a minimum of 3 quarts a day. If you can, drink half your body weight in ounces each day. Make sure you are drinking plenty of Alkaline Ionized Water. Keep track!

2. Some health practitioners are recommending drinking 1 quart of Alkaline Ionized Water immediately upon waking up each morning allowing 30 minutes before eating.


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