Fatberg clogs London Sewer! A 15 – ton “Fatberg”, caked with grease and fortified with wet wipes was extracted from London’s sewers – in the nick of time – by an expert team of sewage flusher’s from the Thames Water Company.

If it had gone undiscovered, a company press officer told NBC News, “we could have had Fatberg popping out of manholes all over London”.

An eight member team used shovels and jets of water to dislodge the mass of cooking fat and flushed wet wipes. Residents complained about un-flushable toilets.

Wet wipes (aka: disposable wipes / biodegradable wipes) and grease (Fatberg) are a disastrous combination in any Country, private or public, sewer or septic systems. For years plumbers have been warning citizens about pouring away fat down the drain. But the new scourge of the underground drain is so called flushable towelettes that may be swept away by your toilet but will almost always get snagged on something in your drain before they ever reach your sewer / septic system.

Flushed wet wipes are overtaking solidified cooking grease as the most costly clogger of sewage piping in some parts of the U.S.

When in doubt don’t flush it out. Can it, don’t flush it. The main problem is unlike sheets of toilet paper, which will break apart if they’re dunked in a jar of water, wipes last years longer. Embedded in a Fatberg underground, they linger and grow until complete blockage occurs.

We are retrieving more and more wipes, that should never be flushed even if the package says biodegradable / flushable these take years to break down and wind up mixing with grease (Fatberg) and causing costly stoppages.

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