Grey Water Dry Well

The Dry Well was very popular in years gone by. Interestingly enough I have run across several dry wells lately that have only started to fail after dry wellmany years of service.

The first dry well was on a home in DeLand, Florida that had a kitchen stoppage. After trying to snake out the line, believing I would find grease or perhaps roots, my cable got to a point that I believed was the stoppage. I pressed on and the cable seemed to be effortlessly going through what I imagined to be a drain line going around the house and tying into the septic in the rear of the home. At some point I stopped the cable and it started to unwind in reverse. I pulled the cable back and the drop head retriever was gone. Now I was mad, so I proceeded to dig from the clean out following the line for ten feet before it made a sharp bend to the right and ran parallel with the house. Another twenty foot and I hit concrete. What? It wasn’t a septic tank. It was an old dry well built out of concrete blocks and a round concrete lid. That was my first experience with a dry well.

Fast forward to this past weekend I had a stoppage on a laundry line in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Well something didn’t smell right. Nothing else in the home was stopped up. It was old cast iron drain lines and the homeowner had no idea what was what. I thought about my previous experience with the dry well and decided to do a little probing outside the closest exterior wall to see if perhaps the washer line ran out by itself to a dry well. Sure enough I was right. This dry well was very similar to the one pictured here


dry well

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