How do I know if my drain field is bad?

Maintain your septic tank and drain field system for it is vital to the health of our nation. With approximately 2 million private septic sanitation systems in use, in Florida, it is extremely important that they remain functioning properly for the safety of our ground water. The most common drain field failures happen when septic bacteria and enzymes are killed off in the tank by harsh household chemicals or discarded medications. You could be destroying your drain field with things like bleach and mouth wash. Any product that kills germs (bacteria) is not good for septic systems.

The tank is where most of the solid waste is treated by bacteria and enzymes. The liquid waste leaving the tank is further treated in the drain field absorption area, eventually seeping down through the earth and returning as clean water into our aquifers. The purpose of the tank is to slow down the flow of water through the system long enough for the solids to settle to the bottom where enzymes and bacteria immediately begin to digest the organic portion leaving the inorganic as sludge laying in the bottom of the tank. It is important to remove this sludge periodically so that the tank can function properly. The septic tank is the support for the whole system. Without the tank the drain field would quickly fail. Never ever pour toxic or hazardous chemicals like paint, varnishes, pesticides, solvents, and caustic drain openers down the drain. These will kill the enzymes and bacteria in the tank and drain field needed for a healthy system.

To help maintain a healthy environment in the tank and drain field I recommend the use of BioSmart Drain Maid. A natural biological drain line and septic maintainer. Regular use will help keep systems clean and free flowing. A natural occurring bacteria that is both safe for human handling and the environment. Don’t wait until your drain field fails CALL NOW to order your supply of BioSmart and save big when you buy it by the case! At less than a $1.00 day it’s a much cheaper alternative to costly drain field replacement!

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