How do I remove the ring around the inside of my toilet bowl?

Ever ask yourself  “how do I remove that nasty ring around the inside of my toilet bowl?” The toilet pictured here is a classic example of staining. With the proper procedure this toilet can be returned to it’s former glory.

Items you will need:

1 bottle CLR  (calcium, lime and rust remover) 28 oz, $7 – 10 dollars you can pick a bottle up at most stores that sell any kind of cleaning products.

1 roll of select-a-size paper towels.

The first step is to turn off the water to the toilet, the shut off valve (stop) is typically located on the left side beside the toilet, sticking out of the back wall . Sometimes these valves can be frozen if they have not been used in a while. Once you have the water shut off you need to scoop enough water out of the toilet bowl to expose the entire area that is stained or has calcium build up.

Now tear off several sheets of paper towels and fold them the long way into 2″ strips. Soak the strips in the CLR and place them in the toilet bowl over the areas to be cleaned. These strips need to be left over these areas for several hours. During this time keep the paper towels soaked with the CLR. The CLR will remove the stains from the toilet bowl completely. For calcium build up use a soft scrub pad  with light rubbing action to remove the loosened buildup from the toilet bowl. Do not use metal scrub pads as this can permanently mare the surface. The toilet bowl has a baked on enameled finish that can be scratched and even rubbed off completely with gritty cleaners or rough metal scrub pads. For extra heavy calcium build up on your toilet bowl it may be necessary to leave CLR on longer or repeat procedure several times.

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