How do I replace my Moen posi temp cartridge?

Stop, before you try to (“do it yourself”) replace your Moen posi temp cartridge, consider the consequences.

Moen will send you a free cartridge replacement by calling 1-800-buy-moen. The big box stores will gladly sell you a cartridge for around $40.00. Removing the cartridge can be as easy as 1 2 3, or it can be as difficult as pulling teeth. The Moen posi temp cartridge removal tool is a must. This can set you back another $26.00.

Once you get the handle off, go slow, be extra careful, if you start cranking down on the cartridge removal tool too fast you can snap the stem off. If this happens the cartridge will need to be chipped out piece by piece. A delicate process, care must be taken not to gouge or scratch the inside of the brass valve body.

Once the cartridge is removed, I like to turn the water on momentarily to flush out any debris. You can use a small piece of 400 grit waterproof sandpaper to lightly sand the inside of the valve to remove any remaining buildup from the previous Moen posi temp cartridge.

Before installing the new Moen posi temp cartridge apply a generous amount of good faucet grease. Make sure the top of the cartridge is up and push it all the way in till the clip can be installed. The small notch on one side of the end of the brass stem should face down for the off position.

Now you are ready to turn the water back on and check for leaks before putting the trim back on.

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