How to keep your water well healthy and avoid costly repairs

Classic symptoms of water well ailments:

1) Declining production. Mineral scale and bacterial growth plug the well intake, including the screen, decreasing the well output.

2) Red water. Your well is probably infected with iron bacteria, which can corrode the well casing and pump.

3) Rotten egg smell. This odor indicates the presence of sulfate reducing bacterial growth and hydrogen sulfide gas, which corrodes water well, screens, plumbing and fixtures.

4) Cloudy or muddy water. This condition is usually caused by bacterial slime buildup in the well.

5) Higher electric bills. Mineral deposits that lead to loss of well capacity and increasing pump lift demands will make your water well more expensive to operate.

6) A different taste or smell. A change in taste or smell may be caused by large populations of anaerobic bacteria in the bottom of the well, which can result in water well and pump deterioration.

No one can afford to be without water. If your well displays any of six classic systomsAnnual checkup and well cleaning are good preventive medicine. You can make your well more productive and add years to its life

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