I broke my toilet tank lid

So hypothetically, what happens if you break your toilet tank lid? You’ve got a couple of choices, you can call all the Plumbers in your area (starting with us of course) to see if they have a spare lid laying around. Option two is to buy a new tank, if one is still available for your toilet. You could perhaps buy a replacement lid if available, that will cost you half as much as a new toilet. Finally you could replace the whole toilet. In most cases the last option of replacing the whole toilet makes the most sense, because new modern toilets use far less water and in most cases flush better.

You will definitely have a time if you’re trying to match a old obsolete color from the days when blues, yellows, and greens were the in thing. In addition to color there are an infinite number of shapes and sizes from every toilet manufacture that will add to your frustration when trying to locate a replacement toilet tank lid.    toilet tank lid

It just so happens that saving old toilet tank lids is a hobby of mine. Whenever we replace a toilet for a customer, we save the lid if it is good,  for just such an occasion when we get the frantic call saying “I’ve broken my toilet tank lid!”

Whatever your situation, we can help by giving you all your options so you can make an educated decision on your best course of action. From minor toilet adjustments, to complete toilet tank rebuilds, to endless choices in whole toilet replacements we can definitely help.

So if you break your toilet tank lid don’t worry we will have the best solution to get you back up and running with the least amount of hassle.

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