I have a water leak in my house

The average home with a water leak from a faucet or toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water every day. This adds up to money down the drain! A leak left undetected can cause a flood and costly repairs, a higher water bill, and threaten property value. Today’s little water leak, is tomorrows emergency!


A pipe with a 1/8 inch hole and 40 pounds of pressure can waste up to 2,500 gallons of water in just 24 hours

A pinhole water leak can discard 360,000 gallons of water a year, That’s enough to fill 12,000 bath tubs

A toilet with a leak can waste over 90,000 gallons of water in 30 days

A faucet with a small drip can use over 180 gallons a month

On average 1 in every 300 homes or businesses has at least 1 water leak

1 in every 20 pools has a water leak

A simple toilet water leak can raise your utility bill over $500.00 dollars

What you don’t see may cost you $$

Many a water leak goes undetected behind walls, under concrete slabs, floors and foundations

Some things you can check :

Do you ever hear your toilet refill when nobody has flushed it? This is typically a water leak from the flapper

If you are on city water your water meter will have a dial that tracks water usage. With all the water shut off in your house there should be no movement. If you see movement you may have a water leak

If you have a irrigation system, turn on the zones one by one and check to make sure there is no water hitting the house. Water hitting the house will find a way in, guaranteed water leak

Check the carpet or flooring around windows and exterior walls for dampness or discoloration. If there are any cracks in your foundation they need to be sealed and repainted. Florida rain can be horizontal and hit the side of your house and it will find a way in .

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