It’s here, the Moen “Motion Sense” kitchen faucet

Finally someone invented the motion sense faucet that doesn’t have to be touched to be turned on and off.

Motion sense responds in an instant. A simple hand movement triggers the flow of water, delivering exceptional day to day convenience in the kitchen!

How many times have you been cooking and your hands get all messy and you have to try and turn the faucet on without your fingers? Motion sense hands free means your faucet needs less cleaning and helps you control the spread of germs.

Washing your hands or getting a glass or pan full of water is as easy as placing the them under the spout. The water automatically turns on and stays on until the object is removed.

Want to turn the water on without the restriction of standing in front of the sink? Just wave your hand over the motion sense sensor on top of the spout and the water comes on and stays for two minutes or until you shut it off by waving your hand over the sensor again.

You can even adjust the temperature setting for a preset temp range. The faucet can also be used manually with the handle and it has a pull down spout with pause and spray functions. Release the spray and it automatically slides back into place in the spout.

This faucet comes in standard chrome, New Spot Resist Stainless or oil rubbed bronze.

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