My ac drain pipe is clogged

How do you unclog your ac drain pipe? I found out the hard way how to unclog my ac drain! I came home from work last Friday to my ac blowing warm air. My air handler was running inside, but the condensing unit outside was not working. Aside from changing the filter once a month, I have had a note to clean out the ac drain line sitting on my desk in the to do pile for several months.

Immediately I’m thinking… the condensate line is clogged. Fortunately my unit has an inline safety switch that keeps the condensing unit from running when the ac drain is clogged. Now I’m sure there are other ways to clean out the drain line, I chose to cut the line apart and connect a hose directly to it and flush it out. This requires a coupling and some glue to repair, which was no problem for me, I am a plumber. I have also heard you can use a wet vac to suck the crud from the discharge line outside. The ac drain is one of those homeowner maintenance things that always gets overlooked!

I called Darcy at Comfort Service in DeLand 386-736-1426 to get a custom made aluminum frame approx $25.00 for my ac unit that has replaceable filter material. These are far superior to the disposable filters you can by at the local hardware or big box stores. You get a superior product and they are less than 5 bucks a filter.

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