Plumbing Done Cheap

There is always someone (plumbing done cheap) that will do it cheaper! More often than not cheaper is not always the best deal. There are 9,410,000 hits for plumbing done cheap, which leads me to believe that there are a lot of people out there that want whom ever gives them the cheapest price to do their plumbing repairs/work. This worries me given the magnitude of damage that could be caused by improperly installed plumbing done cheap. Not to mention the fact that hear in Sunny Florida it is unlawful to hire an unlicensed Plumber to do work in your home.

Why would you trust the single most costly investment you’ve ever made (your home) to an unlicensed, unprofessional handyman type? A jack of all trades is typically a Master at none. While there maybe exceptions to this rule, think about this scenario;  you hire a non licensed, non professional, and probably non insured or at least under insured person to work on or install plumbing in your home. God forbid Mr Plumbing Done Cheap does something wrong and floods your entire home. You call your insurance company and make a claim. Your claim is denied because you hired “Mr Plumbing Done Cheap” an unlicensed, uninsured handyman. A Professional Licensed Insured Plumber may have cost you 50% more than the handyman, but I’m fairly sure that you would gladly pay that now that you have Thousands of dollars in damage to your home and no recourse to recover one dime.

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