Raise your toilet with the toilevator

As we and our loved ones grow older the standard height toilet becomes more difficult to get up off of, once you are sitting down. toilet

Let me introduce a product that one of our now existing clients asked me about. She wanted us to install a Toilevator so her elderly mom would have a easier time getting up off the toilet and with the hopes of solving the sanitary accidents. With mobility issues such as arthritis, or those who use a wheelchair, the Toilevator helps give you independence back.

The toilet her Mom used had a 3-1/2″  booster between the seat and the toilet bowl. This created an awkward feeling and a issue with sanitation, because the user is elevated from the bowl.

The toilevator raises the bowl from the bottom so the seat remains attached normally. You get the benefits of the height without changing the dynamics of the seat to bowl. The kit comes in two different sizes, standard or grande, and fits virtually any base. The toilevator is a off white color and can be painted. It will raise any standard height toilet 3-1/2″. If used on a comfort height toilet you could obtain heights to 21″. Made of a PVC composite (resin) material it will support a maximum weight of 500 pounds.

Here’s how it works. Your existing toilet is removed. The toilevator is set in place. We trace a line around the outside. Next we mark the floor at the bracing location. The toilevator is then secured to the floor with Plaster. We then position the sleeve and extended length toilet bolts thru the proper holes with a wax ring attached to both side. Finally the toilet goes on top and gets secured to the bolts.

If your looking to convert you’re existing toilet into an ADA compliant one, this is the product for you.

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