Replacing a 3 handle shower faucet

Is your old two/three handle shower faucet giving you some grief? Are you constantly changing stems, washers and seats and they still leak?

In addition to your old shower faucet having several handles to turn to adjust water flow and temperature, there is the added concern of getting scalded if someone flushes a toilet while you are showering. With a new positemp code approved shower faucet those concerns are gone. The positemp shower faucet has a built in balancing valve that eliminates temperature fluctuations if someone should use another faucet while you are showering.

Now there is a kit from Moen to change your old ugly two or three handle tub / shower faucet to a more modern one handle style. The only down side is that trim choices are limited to chrome.

Access is from the tile side and the larger plate hides the bigger hole needed to change out the valve in the wall for your new shower faucet. What this means to you in no tile or drywall repairs.

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