The Proper way to use your Garbage Disposal?

The dos and don’ts when using your garbage disposal. garbage disposal


Use ice cubes monthly to help keep the blades clean, spinning free and clear.

Always run lots of water before, during and after turning your garbage disposal on and off.

If you can eat it, you can put it in the garbage disposal. Just remember most kitchen sink drain lines connected directly to you garbage disposal are reduced in size to 1-1/2″ tubular. Some discharge through a tee that has a directional baffle which causes further restrictions. Having said that you cannot successfully dispose of large quantities of food quickly. Run lots of water before, during and after grinding anything in your garbage disposal. The best use for your garbage disposal is as a catch all for small scraps when washing off plates. If you insist on grinding all your food garbage then just remember that all that food mush is got to get from your sink to the septic or sewer which varies from house to house. It could be anywhere from 20 to over a hundred feet away. That is going to take some serious water to ensure your pipes don’t have anything lying in them that could cause potential problems with other plumbing fixtures such as bathrooms and laundry.


Avoid stringy items such as celery, onion peels, pineapple peels, etc.

Keep silverware and other small objects away from Garbage Disposer drain.       

Don’t try to go too fast if you are grinding large quantities of food.

Don’t wash out your fish tank in the kitchen sink. Rocks no matter how big or small don’t play well with a garbage disposal.


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