We can make your well water smell better!

Is your well water smelly? Do you get iron stains on your toilets and everything else your water touches? Eventually the well water will stain clothes and even cause towels to smell when they get wet and clothes will also smell when you sweat in them.

The solution to this problem is to have us install a chlorinator. This requires several components to be installed. The chlorinator sits on top of a 30 gallon  solution tank and beside that sits a 120 gallon contact tank. The chlorinator injects a diluted chlorine solution into the incoming line which goes into the contact tank before coming out as chlorinated well water.

Now that it’s chlorinated we need to run it through a water softener and a carbon filter to remove all the chlorine and leave you with fresh clean water.

You can expect to invest about $5,000.00 for a complete well water system.

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