Why do I have low water pressure from my well?

Do you get very low water pressure if more than one faucet is turned on simultaneously? I purchased a home with a shallow well last year. This would force me to face my fears of the unknown, namely working on a well system.

Every time I would turn on the hose outside the water would literally trickle out of the faucets inside. Because of the low water pressure my first thought was that the pump was to small.

The house had a 1/2 hp Flotec all plastic shallow well pump with a 5 gallon per minute flow rate. I purchased a 3/4 hp Sta-Rite cast iron shallow well jet pump with a flow rate to 15 gallons per minute. While this made a big difference with my low water pressure issue, i still wasn’t happy.

A friend suggested hat the well screen might be clogged with sludge. I read up on the subject and found a product made by Johnson called NuWell 100 pellets. This product is made to be poured down the well shaft and left to sit for several hours, then flushed out and everything reconnected. This did the trick, no more low water pressure.

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