Why does my bathroom have a sewer smell ?

Do you have a sewer smell in your bathroom that’s driving you crazy? Can’t figure out where the smell is coming from! Sewer gas occurs as waste decomposes in your sewer system or septic tank. A sewer smell may indicate a problem with your plumbing systems traps that are designed to keep the sewer smell out. Sewer smell may also be caused by cracks in your plumbing drain lines or vent pipes, or debris buildup in your sink and drains.

Check your toilet to see if it’s sealed tightly to the floor. An air leak from the wax ring of the toilet can let a sewer smell into the bathroom. If the toilet is sealed properly to the floor there should be no movement.

If the bathroom doesn’t get used frequently enough there is a possibility that the traps could dry out which would allow sewer smell to enter the bathroom. Simply refill the trap with water by running or flushing fixtures to resolve the problem.

Roof vents could possibly become clogged causing sewer smell to come through traps. This is more difficult to check because it requires going onto the roof, taking care that you are safely secured when you are up there. Check for blockage from nesting material or leaves. You could possibly use a garden hose or a plumbers snake to force out any debris that is stuck in the pipe.

Another cause for sewer smell in a bathroom is attributed to the drains in your sinks or bathtub/shower. Sludge like buildup consisting of hair and soap scum can build up in your drains and create a terrible sewer smell. Regular use of Bio Smart Drain Maid will keep this sludge from building up. Sink drains can be disassembled for quick cleaning if needed. A small amount of bleach could be used to remove sewer smell immediately.

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