Why everyone should have our plumbing maintenance program

A plumbing maintenance program is the key to avoiding serious plumbing related problems. Everybody’s plumbing system needs to be maintained to keep it in tip top operating condition. Your water heater needs to be flushed to remove sediment, aerators need to be cleaned, toilets need to be adjusted, plumbing fixtures need to be checked regularly for small leaks that can turn into big leaks and washing machine hoses need to be checked for signs of failure.

With our Diamond Club plumbing maintenance program, for $7.95 per month, you will get all that and much more. Once each year one of our Certified Service Technicians will give your home a thorough plumbing maintenance inspection. A few of items on the check list include:

* All of your toilets are checked and tested for leaks and smooth operation. Any needed adjustments are free.

* All of your faucets are tested and must past a rigid “Performance Test”.

* All exposed water lines are checked for any damage.

* All of the plumbing under your bathroom and kitchen sinks are checked for any sign of potential water damage.

* All of your drains are checked above and below sinks for leaks and clogs.

* Your washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly checked and tested.

* Your water heater is checked for safety, leaks and signs of corrosion.

As a member you’ll go to the front of the line and to the top of our appointment book if you ever need plumbing service.

You’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of any unadvertised special we offer. What’s more, you get a discount should you need us for any plumbing maintenance or repairs.

Your plumbing maintenance membership is FREE for the first 30 months. We accumulate the $7.95 per month that you pay and give it back to you as a credit that you can apply towards any future service or product you purchase from us.

Click on the “Contact Us” tab, type in your info and in the your request * box put send me my Diamond Club deal coupon and get your plumbing maintenance started today!

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