Why is my water heater making noises

Your water heater can make a variety of different noises. While some may be normal, others may be a warning of a potential problem.

The most common sounds start occurring in a water heater that is several years old and has never been flushed. Sediment will start building up in the bottom of the tank. As the tank starts heating this sediment can cause noises such as popping, tapping, banging and hammering.

While regular flushing can prevent sediment from building up in your tank,  removing / flushing the sediment buildup from a tank can be challenging. The normal drain valve installed on a water heater will not allow pieces larger than a pepper corn to pass. The drain valve or lower element (electric water heater) might need to be removed completely to aid in flushing.

A tea kettle whistling sound can potentially be a more dangerous. Every water heater is required to have a T&P (temperature and pressure) valve  properly installed. This valve when installed properly is designed to open if the pressure or temperature reach the valves rated capacity. If a thermostat (electric models) or gas valve fail to shut off and the T&P valve fails to blow off you could hear a tea kettle whistling sound. This could mean your water heater is overheating and building to much pressure. Immediately shut the power or gas and the water off and call a professional Plumber.

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