Why you don’t want a Free Estimate

What should it tell you when someone advertizes a “FREE ESTIMATE”? They are desperate for work? They will make it up in other charges? They do not know how to calculate their cost of doing business? They don’t have insurance or pay workman’s Comp. They are not a professional with a Florida Construction Industry License?  What ever the reason you can rest assured it is not doing you any favors in the long run.

Would you go to work if you knew you weren’t getting paid? What if your boss said “I want you come in and give me a free estimate of what it will cost me to get this weeks work done”, with no guarantee that you will get the job? I think I know what your answer to him would be.

When a professional service technician knocks on your door, many costs have been incurred just to get him there, (Insurances, licenses, training, trucks, truck stock, tools, taxes, advertising, office/warehouse expenses, wages and benefits) to name a few. It is impossible for a professional to give a Free Estimate. A professional service technician will gather all the facts, assess the problem and provide the best options that will in the long run save you time and money. The Professionals job is to help you maintain your entire plumbing system. We offer our exclusive Diamond Club for our clients that a serious about preventive maintenance as well as maintaining their plumbing system in tip top performance. Don’t trust your most important and biggest investment to a handyman advertising a free estimate, when for a few dollars more you can get a licensed and properly insured (workers comp & liability), drug tested, background checked, professionally trained plumber.

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